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Performance Fund Items

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What does the Performance Fund do? It's a way for everyone to contribute toward the expenses of putting on performance events - Obedience, Rally, Agility, Tracking and Road Trial. These expenses include judge related costs, venue rental and equipment rental. The Performance fund does not cover the cost of trophies for these events that continue to be handled by specific Trophy Donations. Without the Performance Fund, these events that showcase the Dalmatian's versatility, would not be feasible at the National.

Your donation to the Performance Fund will be acknowledged in the catalog list of sponsors and you also may receive a special DCA 2017 Performance Fund Logo gift. Sponsor levels to receive these gifts start at just $35 and are as follows:

Donation Options

You can order the Performance Fund items online below or you can order via the hardcopy form in the Spotter or when available you can download a PDF here. Orders may be picked up at the show or will be mailed for additional shipping costs as outlined below.

Shipping Charges for Logo & Performance Fund Items
Order AmountShipping Amount
$1-$40$6 US / $18 Canada
$41-$85$15 US / $45 Canada
$86 and over$20 US / $60 Canada

Item(s) Price
T-Shirt (Gray or White) 35.00
Choice Fleece/Nylon Picnic Blanket (while supplies last) or Full Zip Sweatshirt Hoodie (Blue or Red) 60.00
T-Shirt and Choice of Picnic Blanket (while supplies last) or Hoodie 90.00
Picnic Blanket (while supplies last) and Hoodie 110.00
T-Shirt, Picnic Blanket (while supplies last) and Hoodie 125.00