Health Clinics

    The DCA and DCAF will be offering health clinics again at the 2017 National Specialty show on Thursday, May 25. OFA fees and part of the testing costs are underwritten by DCAF making this a great opportunity to update your health testing at an unbeatable price! Please support the clinics with your participation and/or volunteer time.

    This year we are offering:

    • OFA Eye Exam with the OFA fees included - $35
    • OFA Thyroid testing with the OFA fees included - $75
    • OFA Cardiac auscultation with the OFA fees included -$35
    • CHIC DNA Blood Draw - No charge!
    • Microchipping - $25

    Each of the health tests is offered at a significant savings to participants. Plan to take advantage of these discounts! Microchipping will also be available. Also make sure to stop by to update your health histories for dogs already in the OFA DNA Database.

    More information available:

    Sign up using the form below and then pay for health clinics via the ONLINE STORE

    For questions, or to volunteer, please contact Kelly at email or phone (734) 769-5248.

Health Clinic Sign Up

Please submit your information online using the form below. If you have multiple dogs, please hit your BACK button in your browser to return to this form page and submitt another dog. Thank you!

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Please fill out the dog information section for each dog participating in the clinics:

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Health Test(s):


You MUST click on the SUBMIT button to send your form with your dog's information to Kelly Flanigan, DVM.
THEN you should go to ONLINE STORE to pay.