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The Performance FUND is a way for everyone to contribute toward the expenses of putting on the Performance events. Besides the joy of giving and having your name listed in the catalog as a sponsor, for $35 you get a nifty Performance T-Shirt. For a $55 donation you get the orignal print. And with a donation of $65 you get both the T-shirt and an original Limited Edition Print. This includes shipping and handling.

The performance fund helps support all of the DCA performance events: Rally, Obedience, Agility, Tracking, and the Road Trial. Without this fund these events would not be possible.


The regular Performance Fund donation is $35.00 and you receive the Performance T-Shirt! For a donation of $55.00 you shall receive the Performance Print.
If you want to receive the original signed and numbered limited edition print as well as the T-shirt, the donation is $65.00. There is an extra $5.00 charge for 3XL shirts.
And you can also make a cash donation! IF YOU DO NOT SPECIFY A SIZE ON THE SHIRT, YOU WILL BE SENT A LARGE.

PAY VIA PAY PAL     Place your order by April 1, 2008!
Shirt Only (sizes Small to 2XL)
3XL Shirt only
Performance Print Only
Performance Print & Regular sized Shirt
Performance Print & 3XL Shirt

Click here for Performance Fund Form.
Submit your form online and then Mail your check payable to DCA with a print out of the form to:

    Meg Ispas Hennessey
    P.O. Box 257
    Marengo, IL 60152-0257.

You can also make your contribution with the preshow insert from the Spotter.

*** Note: All T-shirts and prints will be mailed.
Mail your payment so that it is received by April 1, 2008! ***

~ Original Limited Edition Print~

11x14 color graphite drawing on smooth Bristol board drawing paper.

The Original limited Edition Print is by:

    Wendy Zumpano
    Pencil Portraits from Photos

Wendy Zumpano has been drawing since she was a little girl and professionally for the past 15 years. Striving for realism, Wendy draws from photographs, capturing every detail while simplifying the image in elegant black and white. Residing in the Chicago suburbs, Wendy received an Advertising degree from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana where she took two art classes. Other than some techniques learned there, Wendy is a self taught artist who finds joy in every project. This is Wendy’s second project for the DCA performance Fund.

"Dalmatian Outing At The Firehouse"
The 11X14 print is of a family of Dalmatians that spend the afternoon visiting the local Firehouse. The Dalmatian spent many years as the protector of the horse drawn fire engine. Even today the Dalmatian continues to be the Firehouse mascot even though the engine is no longer horse drawn.

Performance Fund T-Shirt Design

The design on the T-Shirt is by Littleton Riggins, a talented freshman in the University Of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC). He is majoring in Computer Science. He is a talented freelance photographer and has he own web site, http://boohoo.us/maxplay. You can contact him at little1@umbc.edu. This was Littleton’s first project of this nature and he had a lot of fun and learned more about Dalmatians and what they can do.

A special thanks to everyone that sent in their performance Dalmatian. The Dalmatians on the t-shirt this year belong to Cathy Raver, Tana Rugg, Julie Stillman, Gayle Riggins, Marilyn Krause, and Kathryn Blink.

John A. Austin
Norma C. Baley
Kathleen Marie Barber
Elizabeth I. Bauer. D.V.M
Eva E. Berg
Corinne J. Biederman
Nancy R. Bishop
Joanne E. Blewett PhD
Kathryn Blink
Cheryl Elaine Bryant
Alison Jeanne Burgess
Margaret A. Callea
Cheryl Worden Coe
Jennifer Pate Cramer
John Cramer
Susan E. Dickerson
Judith R. Dugan
Diane A. Fast
Pamela M. Fisher
Dr. Kelly M. Flannigan
Kathleen E. Galotti
Barbara A. Garceau
Dr. Charles Garvin
Christine A. Gogan
Mary I. Groening
Thomas Hacholski
Cinda Haff
Kimberly Ann Hahn
Nanci L. Hayes
Michael L. Heflin
Kimberley D. Hess
Emily Hoover
Kimberly H. Jenning
Dr. Mary Lynn Jensen
Marilyn Rother Kraus
Sandra M. Lajoie
Danielle LeVangie
Helen Lipinski
Lynn Elizabeth Luikart
Susan L. MacMillan
Patricia Karen McDonnell
Rick Miller
M. Alice Milwid
Karen R. Moore
Laura Sue Moreland
MaryAnn Murphy
Jane Neely
Cathy Nogar
Mrs. Betty Pirs
DiAnn J. Plaza
Sharron Podleski
Sara Pruyne
Mary Raleigh
Nancy A. Reiter
Gayle C. Riggins
Karen J. Rochin
Jana J. Rodes
Margaret Rogan
Carol S. Roy
Tana K. Rugg
Donna M. Russo
Bronwyn E. Schoelzel
Ann Smith
James W. Smith
Marsha K. Smith
Cori Smith
Julie Stillman
Prudence G. Stuhr
Dianna L. Teeter
Tracie Lynn Tepke
Donna Truitt
Caroline Van der Wyk
Robert W. VonMayr
Lisa Wageman
Marilyn C. Williamson
Mark A. Wills
John A. Wilson
Kathy J. Wosnak
Sheila A. Wymore
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Dalmatian Club of San Diego county INC
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